Motocross Meltdown

Motocross Meltdown 1.1.0

Chug an energy drink, pop a wheelie, and get extreme!

Live the dream as a Motocross Biker in this deceptively basic arcade game for iOS.

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  • Realistic graphics
  • Quality sound


  • Boring controls
  • Refueling wait times are too long
  • Races are too short

Not good

Live the dream as a Motocross Biker in this deceptively basic arcade game for iOS.

Rev your engines!

Motocross Meltdown throws you in the middle of an motocross event similar to the X Games. Your biker competes in a variety of different game types that include racing, stunts, and high jumps. However, the actual gameplay is a nearly identical experience across every game type. The graphics and sound change but the controls revolve around tapping one button at the correct time making it a fairly monotonous experience.

Each race/event pits you against another biker and the winner is determined by who finishes with a higher score. In order to participate, you must have enough gas to compete which replenishes over time or can be refilled through inapp purchases. Each event in Motocross Meltdown uses up a considerable amount of gas and you'll find yourself waiting for it to recharge. This is especially irritating as each event only lasts 5-20 seconds.

Strategy in Motocross Meltdown is derived from determining on what type of upgrades to use on your bike. Upgrades can be bought with cash won from events and put towards items to modify parts of your bike such as the engine, wheels, and the exhaust. There is a large selection of cosmetic upgrades to change the style of your racer's helmet, outfit, and bike.

There is also a multiplayer feature that allows you to compete against other players online.

Easier than riding a bike

As mentioned above, Motocross Meltdown has very simple controls: simply tap on the screen at the correct moment. It's similar to rhythm-based music games such as Dance Dance Revolution or Rock Band, but even easier to play as there is only one button. 

Points for style

Plenty of work has been put into the graphics into Motocross Meltdown and it's easily the best part of the game. Players look realistic and it even features advertising from popular extreme sports brands such as Osiris and Red Bull. Not only does Motocross Meltdown have excellent graphics, the sound adds a dimension of reality to the arena atmosphere. The crowd roars as you pull off tricks, the sound of your bike's engine screams, and high-energy guitar riffs play when you win a match.

Flashy, but not much else

Although Motocross Meltdown is pleasing to look at, it ultimately becomes dull quickly because of overly simplistic controls, wait times and the necessity for inapp purchases.

Motocross Meltdown


Motocross Meltdown 1.1.0

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